What's your
apple personality?

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jazznappleMellow. Sweet, and perfect for snacks and baking.

Like its namesake music, Jazz is mellow with a bit of everything working together perfectly. Medium sized and scarlet red, with yellow-green patches, it’s sweet like the Honeycrisp – and nice and firm like the Pink Lady. Smells delicious and is refreshingly juicy – great for snacking and baking. Available year-round.

This variety’s personality is …



The term “je ne sais quoi” was designed for you…the coolest cat on the block. Laid back as water, yet moving mountains in your own artistic way… whether painting masterpieces by age 5, scoring symphonies by 10 or writing novels by 15. You beat to your own creative drum, and those who can’t hear it want to!

This apple’s ideal pairing is…

Jazz + Marzetti Caramel Dip Snack Pack + Coconut Shavings

Creativity can’t be contained—but your snack can.