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Granny Smith

granny-smithDense and firm, yet pleasant and tart.

This Australian native was discovered in 1868 as a chance seedling by “Granny” Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales. One parent might have been a French crabapple. Grannies are known for their distinctive green flesh – which sometimes bears a red blush – and their very tart flavor. An all-purpose apple, Grannies work equally well as a snack or in pies and sauce. U.S. Grannies are harvested beginning in August and are available year round.

This variety’s personality is …



You can bake up a fundraiser in your sleep, which is why you’re the one everyone seeks out to be at their event. You know how to make others give a little green to make the world a better place. After all, who would say no to Granny?

This apple’s ideal pairing is…