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cameoappleGet ready for our cameo. Bright, lemony and snack-alicious.

Discovered as a chance seedling in a Washington State Red Delicious orchard about 30 years ago, the Cameo is now available in supermarkets nationwide. With bright red stripes on an orange background, it actually has a brighter, more lemony flavor than its Red Delicious cousin. Firm, sweet and a favorite apples for slicing up and serving as a snack. Available late fall through early spring.

This variety‚Äôs personality is …



There’s no need to overdo it. You know a sweet and simple snack of apple chunks, walnuts and dried cranberries is all you need to recharge.

This apple’s ideal pairing is…

Cameo + Walnuts + Dried Cranberries

K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Sweetie.