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braeburnappleFirm, with lots of sweetness and spice.

The Braeburn originated in New Zealand in the early 1950s. It was a chance seedling, with Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith as possible parents. Now grown in the United States, Braeburn is a multipurpose apple good for all types of apple uses. Its color varies from orange to red over a yellow background. A crisp, juicy apple, the Braeburn has a rich, spicy-sweet flavor. U.S. Braeburns are available beginning in October through July.

This variety‚Äôs personality is …


Soccer Parent

You thrive on a calendar packed with after-school activities. Racing off to the next soccer match or ballet recital, you come prepared with energizing snack combos to keep your little squirts fueled and on schedule throughout the day.

This apple’s ideal pairing is…

Braeburn + Marzetti Peanut Butter Caramel Dip + Chocolate Chips

A kid-proof pairing for parents on-the-go.