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apple personality?

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ambrosiaTender, sweet, with a heavenly taste.

In Greek mythology, “Ambrosia” refers to “food or drink for the Gods.” It’s no myth: You’ll love the Ambrosia’s tender-sweet, heavenly taste. Ambrosias have smooth yellow-pink skin, a floral aroma, and slight honey flavor. Perfect for snacks, salads, and baking – and available fall through winter.

This variety’s personality is …



You believe things will always work out. You accentuate the positive, and always put a shine on everything. That glass of apple juice isn’t half-full – it’s overflowing! Never forget, the sun will come out tomorrow. No wonder the gods love you!

This apple’s ideal pairing is…

Ambrosia + Marzetti Caramel & Chocolate Dips + Walnuts

C’mon get happy…with apple nachos!