What's your
apple personality?

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Braeburn + Marzetti Peanut Butter Caramel Dip + Chocolate Chips

A kid-proof pairing for parents on-the-go.

Your kids’ schedules (and moods) can change in an instant, so you rely on one thing that remains consistent: a snack that keeps you and your family energized and happy. Keep the peace (and bellies full) with apple slices dipped in Marzetti Peanut Butter Caramel Dip then dunked in mini chocolate chips.

This pairing’s personality is …


The Soccer Parent

You thrive on a calendar packed with after-school activities. Racing off to your the next soccer match or ballet recital, you come prepared with energizing snack combos to keep your little squirts fueled and on schedule throughout the day.

This pairing’s variety is …



Firm, with lots of sweetness and spice.

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Cortland + Roth Buttermilk Blue + Chopped Walnuts


A most brilliant pairing.

Taste interpretation occurs in the insula lobe of the cerebrum (everyone knows that), but you know that it really begins in the creation of the perfect pairing. Stimulate your taste buds with apple rings spread with Roth Buttermilk Blue and topped with walnuts—genius!

This pairing’s personality is …


The Intellectual

You read the classics for breakfast and can quote Pi out to 5o numbers over lunch. You’re brainy and you know it. Empirical evidence suggests you eat a lot of apples.

This pairing’s variety is …



Good health. Great taste. Any way you slice it.

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Granny Smith + Marzetti Apple Crisp Mix


Give the gift of yum.

Giving doesn’t have to be a full time job—especially when you have the help of Marzetti Apple Crisp Mix. For that next bake sale, whip up a dish so full of homemade flavor that no one will guess it was easier than (apple) pie. Just add butter, mix with fresh sliced apples and bake.

This pairing’s personality is …



You can bake up a fundraiser in your sleep, which is why you’re the one everyone seeks out to be at their event. You know how to make others give a little green to make the world a better place. After all, who would say no to Granny?

This pairing’s variety is …


Granny Smith

Dense and firm, yet pleasant and tart.

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Empire + Roth Chipotle Havarti + Johnsonville Vermont Maple Syrup Breakfast Sausage


You liked apple sandwiches before they were cool.

Grilled cheeses are so painfully mainstream—we know. That’s why you need to make it an original with slices of apple, Roth Chipotle Havarti and sliced Johnsonville Vermont Maple Syrup Breakfast Sausage. No one else is doing it…yet.

This pairing’s personality is …


The Hipster

You’re an independent at heart but also mix well with others. You’re in tune with pop culture, politics and trends, but know websites about food are so passé.  You’re only filling this out to be ironic. #SorryNotSorry

This pairing’s variety is …



Crisp on the outside, tender on the inside.

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Honeycrisp + Roth GranQueso + Sage



Your followers look to you for the latest in style (and taste), which is why you’ve already Insta-Twee-Face-posted the latest fab pairing: melted sage and Roth GranQueso drizzled over apple slices.

This pairing’s personality is …



While others are figuring out what’s in season right now, you’re already hip to what’s in style next year! You’re an early adopter and pride yourself on being the first to don that trendy hat or listen to that chart topper before the album drops.

This pairing’s variety is …



Juicy, but with a satisfying crunch.

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