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apple personality?

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Golden Delicious + Johnsonville Apple Chicken Sausage + Veggies


A perfectly planned pairing.

Invites: Check. Party d├ęcor: Check. Beverages: Check. Ever the perfect planner, you know the best way to please party guests is through a delicious h’orderve: Grilled Apple Kabobs. Step 1: Slice apples, Johnsonville Apple Chicken Sausage and veggies into chunks. Step 2: Skewer. Step 3: Grill and enjoy!

This pairing’s personality is …



You are hyper-organized, Type A, and always prepared with a Plan B and Plan C. You probably scheduled this time you’re spending on social media on your calendar. Eating an apple a day is item #4 on your neatly-written to-do list.

This pairing’s variety is …


Golden Delicious

Yellow and mild. Loved by those who like it sweet.

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