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Crispin + Walnut Butter + Granola

USApple Pairing: Crispin + Walnut Butter + Granola

Snacking adventure is out there!

You know the key to adventuring where others have not is a satisfied stomach. Stay the course and keep energized with apple cubes spread with walnut butter and rolled in granola. (Tip: Make your own walnut butter with this walnut butter recipe from California Walnuts.)

This pairing’s personality is …


The Adventurer

You boldly go where others are faint-hearted. Climbing mountains? Blazing trails? Riding the rapids? Easy peasy! As you machete a new path for mankind, you also rely on a few proven essentials. Way to mix it up!

This pairing’s variety is …



Firm but sweet, for a dish or treat.

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