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Cripps Pink + Marzetti Cream Cheese Fruit Dip + Sprinkles


So fetch (and delish)!

As a lady you love adding your sparkle to all things in life. A night with the girls just wouldn’t be proper without an adorable bowl of Marzetti Cream Cheese Fruit Dip, topped with sprinkles (of course), for your equally adorable “Pink Lady” apple slices.

This pairing’s personality is …


The Girly Girl

No matter the occasion, you’re always polished with a snazzy dress and just the right amount of makeup. You’re not afraid to show off your feminine side—including a tendency to blush. But, you always keep it classy.

This pairing’s variety is …


Cripps Pink

A.K.A. Pink Lady. Naturally sweet with a juicy crunch.

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